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'Meet your neighbour' - 24th April @ Marriot, Grove Park, Leicester'

















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Location : BMW Sytner, Meridian Business Park, Leicester


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Bozeat Consulting

If you want to talk business with the most successful leaders in the Midlands then let us open their doors and you be our guest. 


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'Meet your neighbour' join us for a relaxed after work evening drink at the wonderful Marriott hotel on Grove Park Leicester @ 24th April

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Click here for a review of the Midlands Leadership Convention 

"It is an honour to be here"

Vicky Ball - Business Systems Manager, Impact Air Systems


"It's a brilliant evening and I would recommend it to anybody"

Alisdair Cameron, Manging Director, British Gas Enterprise



How well are you coping in these turbulent times? Many business people are fearful, battening down the hatches and waiting passively for something good to happen. Not the people who speak at and attend the Midlands Leadership Experience.

Despite the fact that we are in the midst of the most unpredictable economic period we have experienced in recent times there are always business jewels; organisations run by outstanding leaders who, despite any prevailing unhelpful beliefs of the business community, continue to grow and deliver impressive returns.

Success leaves clues and the MLE exists to provide you with the opportunity to meet, listen to and be inspired by an exceptional array of entrepreneurs and business leaders, many of whom have started with little except a vision, a plan and an unwavering conviction and commitment to make it all happen. Since 2008 we have enjoyed the company of many outstanding local and regional leaders - Click here for a list of previous speakers.


Our values are simple

Learning - At every event there is something new

Inspiration - The quality of our speakers will inspire you

Connections - We make it easy for you meet and shake hands with people you'd like to talk business with


The 3 primary objectives of the MLE are; 

  • Help you both become and develop the next generation of outstanding business leaders
  • Explore traditional, innovative and often unconventional ways to develop your business
  • Engage in high level networking with the region's most successful business leaders

During each 2 or 3 hour MLE event you will experience;

  • A fast, fun and action packed executive development experience
  • An example of what excellence and fast growth looks, sounds and feels like
  • Practical and often unconventional opinions andm ideas to inspire you to take colossal action 
  • The perfect opportunity to connect, network and sow the seeds of new relationships with the leaders of outstanding businesses and open up business opportunities with high growth organisations in the Midlands. 

The MLE is for you if;

  • You manage a team and are looking to find ways to bring the best out of your people
  • You are a business manager/owner and you are looking to grow your business
  • You are looking to meet and connect with successful business people

Now please browse the site and make your commitment to come and see us, it may well

Wishing you heath, happiness and every success

Simon Bozeat

Chair – Midlands Leadership Experience

Be the best decision you make. 

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Tell us your most pressing leadership challenge

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